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        1. 可以提现的棋牌游戏

          Meet The Team

          Our Professional, friendly sales team is on hand to assist you:

          Dominic Ebert

          Senior Retail Account Manager

          John Daniel

          Senior Retail Account Manager

          Chris Walters

          Retail Account Manager

          Paulina Sobolewska

          Retail Admin Assistant

          Corrine Stannard

          Promotional Account Manager

          Neil Pyemont

          Senior Promotional Account Manager

          Vicki Guttery

          Promotional Account Manager

          Dawn Rix

          Promotional Admin Assistant

          Simon Mullett

          Factory Manager

          Ronny Dowek

          Managing Director

          Contact us

          Doves Group Ltd
          Unit 6-18 The Business Centre
          Earl Soham, Woodbridge
          Suffolk IP13 7SA
          P : 01728 685774
          E : sales@dovesclothing.co.uk
          W : www.messeka.com


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