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        1. 可以提现的棋牌游戏

          Artwork Requirements

          Whilst we offer a complete and total artwork service from design through to seperations, we at Doves Group Ltd understand that this can be a costly venture. With that in mind we have some advice and guidelines for you that will make your order cost far less and speed along the whole process.

          First of all please take advantage of our free online visual creation service in our catalogue.


          Navigate to our catalogue and choose your required garment.


          Once you've chosen your garment click on 'DECORATE NOW'.


          Choose the surface, decoration method, add text, add your own pics and get creative!


          Download yourself a lovely pdf that will contain all your information and one of our lovely team will be in touch with a quote as soon as poss!

          Supplying Print Ready Artwork

          We totally understand that getting print ready artwork can be difficult so please read the following information and we hope that it helps:

          Acceptable File Formats: eps, tiff, BMP, Jpeg, ai, pdf ?

          Programmes: Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat and indesign.

          Please supply any fonts and images that are linked or in use within the layout files of your document

          Vector artwork is absolutely ideal and we love vectored illustrator files. We also ask that any images and/or Photoshop files are in RGB format, 300dpi at full size and have a transparent background.

          We rather helpfully can also supply you with a range of scaled templates that have print areas, all available in pdf or MS Word format. You can download the one you need from our dropbox site here.

          If you're looking for inspiration then please feel free to browse our catalogue and create a visual online!

          Contact us

          Doves Group Ltd
          Unit 6-18 The Business Centre
          Earl Soham, Woodbridge
          Suffolk IP13 7SA
          P : 01728 685774
          E : sales@dovesclothing.co.uk
          W : www.messeka.com


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