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        1. 可以提现的棋牌游戏

          Screen Printing

          • 900,000 piece capacity per month
          • Up to 14 colours
          • Industry leading artwork separations & techniques
          • Speciality applications
          • Sedex / Retail quality standards

          • Plastisol print
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          • Over 100 embroidery heads with up to 40,000 piece capacity per week
          • Up to 15 colours inc. cap
          • Personalisation


          • Embroidery
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          • Screen printed, litho & digital for use on a broad range of fabrics
          • Versatile positioning, where embroidery or screen print is not possible
          • Personalisation


          • Digitally Printed Transfer
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          Other Services

          • Up to retail spec. packaging inc specialised bagging, bar code production, Metal Detection, Kimball tagging & pack collation
          • Fulfilment, palletised & dedicated carriage services to UK & Europe
          • Re-labelling
          • Bespoke garment manufacture through our network of partner factories in Europe & the Far East


          • Sew in neck labels
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          Contact us

          Doves Group Ltd
          Unit 6-18 The Business Centre
          Earl Soham, Woodbridge
          Suffolk IP13 7SA
          P : 01728 685774
          E : sales@dovesclothing.co.uk
          W : www.messeka.com


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